Meet the founder of La Cucina di Scudiero, Alex Scudiero

Hello and welcome to La Cucina di Scudiero,

Alex Scudiero and granddog RockyMy name is Alex Scudiero, founder of La Cucina di Scudiero.  Though the name might be new, we are not.  If you read our about us page you already know some of our history when in 1951 my maternal grandfather Umbaldo Datoli brought his family and his baking skills to America in search of a better life.  I won't go into that history again but I encourage you to visit our about us page if you're interested.

I'm excited to start this  journey with you and see what comes of it.  I have always liked challenges and the thought of shipping out our products excites me.  We have a very strong local bakery business in Melrose Park, a suburb of Chicago that my brothers and I run, but I have always wanted to do an online business with our products.  To be able to share our products nationally is an honor that I wish my father & Grandfather could see.  

Two things are for sure,  1) I love baking & 2) Nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing the joy people have when they enjoy a delicious treat I have made. 

Ever since my dad 'hired" me when I was 13 years old to help him at the Bakery , I was amazed to learn how you can take a few ingredients and turnout such wonderful products.  I'll admit I wasn't crazy about getting up at 3 A.M. on weekends especially in my later teen years but that's what bakers do and I was a 5th generation baker in the making.  As I look back at it now, it was quality one on one time I had with my father which is something that didn't come easy with having 5 brothers but I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

Again I would like to welcome you to La Cucina di Scudiero which when translated means Scudiero's Kitchen.  It will be our pleasure to bake for you some of our old world time tested biscotti recipes.  

I'll keep in touch by writing in this space from time to time. 

Please feel free to drop a comment below or email me any questions you may have.

 "Nothing ventured, Nothing gained." - Benjamin Franklin

Alex Scudiero  

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