What a Wild Ride it has been!


I would like to say thank you to all of who have ordered & reordered our biscotti.  I could not imagine that the biscotti business would take off as quickly as it did.   We are baking daily to deliver the freshest biscotti to you.  We are not stock piling all flavors because we want you to experience the freshness our biscotti offer.  These have not been sitting in storage like the kind you may find at a big box store and you will taste the difference.  We bake the orders as they come in guaranteeing you the freshest biscotti you can buy.  Most shipments have been received by our customers in 1 or 2 days.  A few on the West Coast took 3 days.  Our biscotti are heat sealed first in poly bags then they’re  put into another tin tied bakery bag ensuring their freshness.  If you  haven’t tried our biscotti yet I encourage you to do so and you will never want to buy the big box store kind again.  Again thank you to all our customers for giving us a try and for the many encouraging emails you have sent.  

We are humbled beyond measure with your kindness.  


From our kitchen to yours since 1954 


  • Richard Allen

    My 3rd order and so wonderful. I’ve tried baking biscotti myself but I’m convinced it’s Alex’s ovens besides a wonderful recipe that constantly makes the best biscotti in America.

  • Kathleen Means

    I just got your biscotti as a gift from my sister-in-law and they look and taste fabulous. So homemade and tasty. She sent me a large supply but I know I will reorder them after these are gone. I have had many different biscotti and none can begin to compare with yours. Thank you !!!

  • Richard Diskin

    Alex gets 5 stars for customer service and product integrity. After I received my first order it was necessary to contact Alex regarding an issue. He immediately emailed me back within minutes. Issue resolved. Biscotti are incredible delicious. Alex now has a customer for life.

  • Linda

    Thank you! My order arrived on time, and the biscotti are fresh and delicious!

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