Lemon Biscotti
Lemon Biscotti
Lemon Biscotti

Lemon Biscotti

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Lemon Biscotti, every bite is light and refreshing. What is it about lemons that just makes you feel good?. Our Lemon Biscotti have a tarty lemon glaze drizzled over them that makes you crave more. Hand crafted with nothing but the finest ingredients. We use nothing but the finest ingredients. No artificial flavoring in any of our biscotti. We hand roll each biscotto log, let them cool a bit and hand cut. Then they go back in the oven not once but two more times to get that delicious texture we are known for. It's a lot of work and time but that's how you get the best tasting biscotti.

We sell our biscotti by weight.  Being a small batch bakery hand making our products,  not all biscotti are going to be the exact same size as you would expect from homemade products  So a pound of biscotti is a pound no matter if they're 4" or 6". You can expect 10-15 biscotti per pound.



Unbleached Flour, Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Natural Lemon Juice , Baking Powder, Salt

Frosting; Powder Sugar, Natural Lemon Juice

(produced in a kitchen that also uses nuts in other products)

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